The 5 Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing and compromised business emails are the most frequent attack vectors in 2021. 

With compromised email credentials resulting in 20% of data breaches and averaging $5.01 million, it begs the question, is your business secured and prepared to handle such threats? 

As cyber attacks continue to rise and grow in complexity, the need to fortify your cyber security grows more paramount. With phishing attacks among the most widely used attacks, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your employees cyber security awareness training is up to par.

To learn more about the benefits of security awareness training and what you stand to gain, our blog will cover the top 5 benefits of cyber security training and the importance involved.

1. Drive Awareness

Educating employees through a comprehensive security awareness training program can elevate your organization’s security culture and reduce the likelihood of successful phishing attacks by learning:

  • How to reduce human error
  • How to identify and avoid a phishing email
  • How to securely handle sensitive information 
  • That information security is a privilege and only a “need to know access”
  • Infrastructure, cloud, physical, browser, mobile, BOYD, and email security best practices

The primary objective of a security awareness program is to reduce human error within an organization, improve cyber security, and curb the impacts of incoming security threats.

2. Prevent Downtime

Every moment of downtime costs an average of $5,600 per minute for businesses – not to mention the reputational and legal ramifications involved following a data breach

As security risks continue to evolve, so does your organization’s need for training programs that elevate your cyber security awareness. Without proper training, your organization may become another statistic of data breaches. 

Make sure you Watch Out for this Persuasive Phishing Email.

3. Improve Compliance

Regulatory compliance and data protection standards are growing more extensive as data breaches reach a 17-year high

Among the most important regulatory compliance frameworks to know are: 

  • SOX 
  • NIST 
  • CCPA
  • GDPR

With more than $5.98 million in HIPAA fines for 2021 and regulatory compliance fines ranging as high as $50,000 per violation, the cost of not being compliant is a risk few businesses can afford.

Importance of Security Awareness Training

4. Reduce Cyber Threats

One of the biggest benefits of cyber security training is how it reduces your organization’s chance to fall victim to social engineering attacks like phishing, smishing, whaling, and more. 

With the average organization targeted by more than 700 social engineering attacks per year, the need to ensure your employees are properly trained can be the difference between avoiding a breach or becoming a victim.

One way security leaders elevate their cybersecurity awareness training is by conducting phishing simulations where deceptive emails are sent by an company’s security team to assess how their employees respond to phishing attacks. 

With more than 62% of employees sharing passwords by text message and email, and 25% of employees saying that they’ve clicked on a phishing email at work, there’s a reason why the majority of cyber attacks target an organization’s employees as their initial attack vector. 

5. Elevate Customer Confidence

When you stop to consider how 44% of employees reuse passwords across personal and work-related accounts, there’s little wonder why consumers are becoming increasingly more involved with their data protection.

Furthermore, a Ponemon study revealed that more than 30% of consumers discontinued their relationships with their breached entity while 65% lost faith in the organization after more than one breach. 

These statistics are indicative that your security posture and employee security awareness play a significant role in maintaining customer confidence.

The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is important because it helps organizations protect their business, data, infrastructure, employees, and customers. Without the benefits of security awareness training, your business may experience the following:

  • Physical risks
  • Legal consequences
  • Loss of consumer trust
  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Financial loss and the cost of remediation
  • And more


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Cyber awareness training is a smart investment for any business.

As cyber threats continue to evolve and with cyber attacks primarily targeting an organization’s personnel for access, the need to shore up your employee’s security awareness training cannot be emphasized enough. 

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Now is not the time to cut corners with your information security.

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