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Boost Efficiency With Managed IT Support Services in Markham

Rely on one of the top IT support companies in Markham to unburden your in-house IT team. 

Why work with Tenecom for IT support in Markham?

  • Increase productivity with 24/7 emergency support for critical issues.
  • Get fast and reliable resolution with a team that addresses 98% of tickets in 30 minutes.
  • Keep your data protected with state-of-the-art cybersecurity and insight from 100+ security specialists.
  • Avoid costly downtime with on-site or cloud-hosted backup services that can start to restore data in minutes.
  • Rely on computer support in Markham from a company with over 35 years of experience.

Don’t spend another day struggling with IT problems. Our support services provide day-to-day and high-level support to keep your IT running smoothly.

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IT Support Markham

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Features of Our IT Support Services in Markham

Managed IT Services

Get the most out of your IT systems with industry-leading IT support and services.

Rely on certified experts for services such as:

  • Hardware/software management
  • Server management
  • System performance and usage
  • Full-service cybersecurity solutions
    Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Email flow and integrity support
  • System and application configuration

Get peace of mind with round-the-clock monitoring and real-time alerts.

Mitigate Recurring Issues With Markham IT Support Company

Reduce recurring issues and maximize productivity with a Markham IT support specialist.

Top Reasons for Choosing Tenecom for Your Markham IT Support

35+ years

Providing quality computer tech support in Markham

Level II to IV

Support for even the most complex IT issues


Emergency support services offered to our long-standing clients

Comprehensive Services by IT Support Provider in Markham

Markham IT Support

Comprehensive IT Support

Working with multiple vendors in the Greater Toronto Area for support will increase your costs and reduce effectiveness.

Get comprehensive support for your entire IT infrastructure from a single vendor when you work with Tenecom:

  • Server Support
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Business continuity planning
  • Solidworks sales and training
  • All of the leading CAD software and hardware CAD products and training
  • File Restoration with over two decades of ‘never fail’ backup and disaster recovery
  • 3rd Party Application Support
  • Training for Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office 365
  • And much more

Whether you need Markham small business IT support or want to augment your in-house IT team, we are the experts you need.

Advanced Cybersecurity Support

Stop hackers from lurking in your business and customer data with best-in-class cybersecurity services from Tenecom.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Secure connectivity
  • Advanced, next-gen firewalls
  • Ransomware and crypto-malware protection
  • Email protection, encryption, and filtering
  • Web and content filtering
  • Data integrity and theft protection
  • Industry, regulatory, and insurance compliance

Enjoy industry-leading cybersecurity support from a team of 100+ specialists with every cybersecurity certification and designation.

IT Support Markham
Markham IT support

Remote and On-site IT Support in Markham

For over three decades, Tenecom has been the go-to company for computer support in Markham and surrounding areas. Our remote support allows for immediate troubleshooting and resolution of many issues without the need for physical presence, leading to faster service and reduced downtime. On-site services provide hands-on assistance for more complex problems, installations, or critical infrastructure needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to IT management.

Take advantage of remote support and on-site services to resolve IT issues and deploy new technologies fast.

Enjoy tech support in Markham that’s committed to helping businesses grow and move forward.

Work with one of the leading IT support companies in Markham that goes beyond just break/fix solutions.

Leverage over 35 years of experience to minimize recurring issues and improve productivity.

Rely on our IT computer support of Markham to help you keep pace with technical developments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support Services

IT support ensures your technology infrastructure operates smoothly, mitigating risks and solving problems that could disrupt business continuity. 

Our IT support services offer proactive monitoring, rapid response, hardware and software support, help desk support, network support, and strategic advice to optimize your IT environment, enhance efficiency, and enable you to focus on your core business activities.

Our IT support services are meticulously structured to offer swift and efficient responses during emergency situations, ensuring that your business experiences minimal disruption. 

We pride ourselves on addressing 98% of issues within 30 minutes. 

Our dedicated team is available around the clock, and equipped to tackle urgent problems swiftly, safeguarding your operations’ continuity.

Our IT support stands out with over 35 years of experience, a track record of no uncontrolled malicious attacks and a profound commitment to customer service.

We provide tailored solutions, focusing on your business’s specific needs and challenges, ensuring you receive the most effective and dedicated support. 

Our team’s expertise and responsiveness set us apart, demonstrating our dedication to meet and exceed client expectations, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and outstanding service quality.

Our IT support facilitates business growth by ensuring your technology infrastructure scales with your expanding needs. 

We provide strategic IT consulting to align your tech with business objectives, optimizing processes and boosting productivity. 

Our support helps you leverage the latest technologies, ensuring your business stays competitive and can adapt to market changes, driving growth and innovation.

Proactive monitoring within our IT support encompasses 24/7 surveillance of your IT infrastructure, identifying potential issues before they escalate. 

This includes real-time alerts, performance analytics, and automated system health checks. 

Our approach ensures optimal system performance, early detection of irregularities, and swift resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing your business’s operational efficiency.