Protect Sensitive Data and Applications with Markham Cyber Security

Protect your business from online threats with comprehensive security solutions for your entire IT environment.

Why work with Tenecom for cyber security in Markham?

  • Detect threats before they impact business with 24/7 security management and monitoring.
  • Ensure access to critical data at all times with advanced backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Protect your network with layered cyber defences from a company with 20+ years of cyber security expertise.
  • Control your spending with cybersecurity solutions that fit your unique business needs.
  • Lockout potential cyber threats with the help of 115+ cyber security specialists.

Stop business and customer data from being stolen. Tenecom makes deploying state-of-the-art cybersecurity services and solutions seamless.

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Companies That Trust Tenecom Over Other Markham IT Security Companies

Industry-Leading Markham Cyber Security Services

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with our advanced cybersecurity strategies and state-of-the-art technology.

Rely on cyber security in Markham for:

  • Our SOC monitors all alerts 24x7x365
  • Real-time monitoring of alerts and active threat hunting
  • The latest detection techniques utilizing artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis 
  • DNS and Content Inspection
  • And more

A security analyst will identify vulnerabilities in your IT to create the perfect solution that keeps your data safe and network secure.

Protect Your IT Infrastructure From Attack With Cybersecurity in Markham

With more than 115 security experts and 7 offices around the world, we know what it takes to keep businesses secure.

Why We’re the Leading Markham Cyber Security Company

Partner with Tenecom, a leader among Markham cybersecurity companies, for cutting-edge security solutions.

Our dedicated IT staff continues to research the latest threats and stay current on new security requirements to keep your data protected and your network secure.


Cybersecurity clearance certifications


Monitoring from our Security Operations Centre (SOC)


Cyber incidents controlled by our cybersecurity in Markham

Cyber Security Company Markham

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution From One of the Leading Cyber Security Companies in Markham

Work with Tenecom IT Consultants and gain a single, reliable strategy to keep you safe from attacks. Our security operations include:

  • Ransomware and crypto-malware protection
  • Secure connectivity
  • Web and content filtering
  • Cyber insurance review
  • Customer data theft protection
  • Threat hunting and remediation
  • Advanced, next-gen firewalls
  • Enhanced features through artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis
  • Remediation
  • Helpdesk support
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Email protection, encryption, and filtering
  • Cyber protection services integrated into cloud applications such as Dropbox, BOX, Azure, Office365, SharePoint, Salesforce, and other products

Rely on our comprehensive information security solutions to start transforming your digital world into a safe space.

24/7 Monitoring From One of the Most Technically Capable Cybersecurity Firms in Markham

Unlike other Markham cybersecurity companies, Tenecom offers 24/7/365 monitoring for existing and new IT environments.

Our SOC identifies threats as soon as they appear, addressing critical issues before they impact your business. 

As one of the leading IT outsourcing firms in Markham, we know what it takes to keep threat actors from accessing, stealing, or corrupting your valuable data.

Markham Cyber Security Services
Protect Sensitive Data and Applications with Markham Cyber Security

What Makes Tenecom the Foremost Cybersecurity Firm in the Greater Toronto Area

Since 1986, Tenecom has been providing businesses in Markham, Ontario unparalleled Managed IT and security solutions beyond those you’ll find from other Markham IT security companies.

We employ over 115 SMEs with experience in jurisdictional laws, industry certifications, legislation, and the most advanced cyber security in Markham to transform your business into a digital fortress.

With our proven methods, continued research, and state-of-the-art technology, there’s little question why Tenecom is the leading Markham cyber security company.

As one of the top cyber security firms in Markham, we know how cybercriminals think. 

Work with one of the leading Markham cyber security firms that offers a global perspective on cyber threats, and get best-in-class protection for your business.

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