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Protect your business from data breaches and theft. Partner with one of the top cyber security companies in North York.

Why choose Tenecom as your North York cyber security company?

  • Catch and resolve threats as soon as they appear with 24/7 system monitoring services.
  • Benefit from leading cybersecurity with over 30 years experience handling threat mitigation. 
  • Prepare your business for sophisticated threats with advanced cybersecurity services.
  • Leverage tailor-made cybersecurity solutions that protect your unique network infrastructure.
  • Never permanently lose your data with business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Close security gaps that leave you vulnerable to attack. Work with one of the top North York cyber security companies.

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North York Cybersecurity Services

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Advanced Cybersecurity

Security breaches can spell disaster for your business. Leverage Tenecom’s advanced security solutions to secure your network. Take advantage of:

  • An SOC that monitors all alerts 24x7x365
  • Real-time alert monitoring and active threat hunting
  • State-of-the-art detection techniques utilizing AI and behavioral analysis 
  • DNS and Content Inspection
  • And more

Get routine monitoring and support services from an elite time of certified cybersecurity technicians..

Avoid Heavy Downtime Caused by Cyber Attacks

Work with one of the most trusted North York Cyber Security Firms

Tenecom: Cybersecurity Leaders Since 1986

With 35+ years experience, Tenecom has evolved with the quickly moving cybersecurity landscape, offering you unparalleled insights on the latest threats. 


Round-the-clock security monitoring and threat detection


Cyber certifications, designations, and security clearances

15 Years

Average client retention

Benefit From End-to-End Cyber Security Services

Get 360-degree security coverage with comprehensive cyber security solutions that cover your entire network infrastructure. This includes services, such as:

  • Access management
  • Web and content filtering
  • Data integrity and theft protection
  • Remediation
  • Advanced, next-gen firewalls
  • Ransomware and crypto malware protection
  • Next-gen cyber protection powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis
  • And more

As one of the top cyber security firms in North York, we can protect your entire network from countless threats.

In the age of Big Data, with your online information being more vital to your business than ever before, benefit from cybersecurity managed IT services that provide effective risk management solutions that keep your business secure in all eventualities.

North York Cyber Security Services
cyber security companies in North York

Never Be Caught Unprepared With 24/7 Threat Monitoring

Ensure that your data is never at risk with our 24/7/365 system monitoring that identifies and remediates threats before they can cause downtime.

Unlike other cyber security companies in North York, Tenecom uses advanced monitoring technology to identify even the most sophisticated security threat ASAP.

Launch Quickly With Rapid IT Security Implementation

Enjoy a fast installation process that reduces downtime. Get your cybersecurity services up and running within two days.

With other cyber security companies in North York, you might get stuck with a delay that impacts your bottom line. Work with one of the strongest cybersecurity companies in North York and get ironclad security for your network ASAP.

North York cyber security company

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cybersecurity Services

Tenecom stands out as a cybersecurity company with over 35 years of experience in threat mitigation and defence.

We offer 24/7 system monitoring services, leveraging advanced detection techniques using AI and behavioral analysis.

Our tailor-made cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect your unique network infrastructure, ensuring business continuity with our disaster recovery services

Our cybersecurity approach is designed to safeguard against complex threats by employing state-of-the-art detection techniques, including AI and behavioral analysis.

We provide real-time alert monitoring and active threat hunting, along with DNS and content inspection.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your network is protected against the most advanced cyber threats.

Tenecom offers a wide range of cybersecurity services to meet diverse business needs.

Our services include advanced network security, email protection, ransomware and malware protection, web and content filtering, data integrity and theft protection, and next-gen firewalls.

This variety ensures that we can address all aspects of cybersecurity for any business.

The key features of our cybersecurity services include:

  • Email protection
  • Next-gen firewalls
  • Advanced cybersecurity protection
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery solutions 
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by our Security Operations Center   

We always ensure that your data is regularly managed and backed up, providing a secure connection for both local and remote users.

Businesses like yours should choose Tenecom for their cybersecurity needs because of our extensive experience and proven track record.

Backed by more than 35 years of industry experience, we offer unparalleled insights into the latest threats.

Our 24/7/365 security monitoring and threat detection, backed by a team with over 80 cyber certifications, make us a trusted local leader for cybersecurity.

As one of the top North York cybersecurity companies we have over 35 years of industry success.

Get cybersecurity in North York that protects you from even the most advanced threats. Work with Tenecom.

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