Enable a Unified Workplace With SharePoint Intranet

Streamline your business process with Microsoft SharePoint intranet solutions

Encourage Collaboration With Well-Designed SharePoint Intranet Sites

Foster company culture, communication and contemporize how teams work together on projects with SharePoint intranet.

Why choose Tenecom to build your modern SharePoint intranet?

  • Cultivate a unified team and make sharing and collaborating ideas easier than ever before.
  • Enable your team to share and contribute to a vast knowledge base using a SharePoint document library. 
  • Make project management a breeze with features that make it easy to track progress and discuss details.
  • Keep employees up-to-date on the latest developments with automated notifications.
  • Manage your team members better within your intranet using SharePoint’s detailed employee profiles. 

Employ intelligent SharePoint intranet solutions that bring your team closer together and change how they work on projects and tasks for the better.

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Deploy a Stunning, Streamlined Intranet-in-a-Box With SharePoint

Trust Tenecom for Your SharePoint Intranet

Take advantage of the many features of the SharePoint intranet to nurture workplace collaboration, communication, and unification. With Tenecom and Modern SharePoint, your intranet has no limits.

Employee Collaboration

Make it easier for your team members to work together with team sites and communication sites to share news, documents, resources, and more.

Intranet Project Management

Give teams and leaders the ability to monitor project progress, share updates, and host project-related discussions with SharePoint’s intranet sites.

Content Management

Use SharePoint’s own CMS to manage content in a range of formats, including documents, video, audio, images, and so on, all in one central, easy-to-navigate place.

Document Management

Allow users to read, alter, and add to Microsoft Office 365 documents (including files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) in real time.

Employee Communication

Give your employees a place to connect with communication sites, message boards, and Microsoft Teams. Recognize employees’ achievements and special events on your home site.

Employee Management

Organize your team members’ employee profiles and maintain information about their training, qualifications, holiday requests, and job performance in one centralized hub.

Control Access and Permissions

Protect sensitive business data from unauthorized access, modification, and deletion with powerful permission-based access control.

Fulfill Regulatory Compliance

Rely on an intranet platform that can be tailored to satisfy any regulatory and compliance standards.

Businesses That Trust Tenecom for SharePoint Online Intranet Solutions

Improve Efficiency With a Modern Intranet Platform at Your Fingertips

SharePoint Intranet

A Highly Customizable, Easy-to-Use Intranet-in-a-Box

SharePoint allows you to create custom web parts that make your intranet as unique as your company itself. 

SharePoint allows site owners to create a digital workplace that is all their own, with customizations that align your intranet platform with your brand. 

Let our SharePoint intranet specialists integrate your corporate branding (including logos and color schemes) and choose the layout, features, and sites that make the most sense for your needs.

Manage, Acknowledge, and Bring Together Your Employees—All in One Place

With SharePoint, your company intranet can become a hub for everything related to employee management. 

SharePoint’s personnel management features include: 

  • Portals for storing employee information, including their roles, contact details, schedules, time off requests, insurance claims, and more 
  • Tools for distributing training materials and organizing training sessions 
  • The option to “gamify” employee learning and tasks
  • Dashboards that notify the team about employee anniversaries or birthdays
Microsoft SharePoint intranet solutions

Why Choose Tenecom to Develop Your Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Solution?

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Of experience providing unparalleled IT services

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The average tenure of our team of 100+ IT experts

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SharePoint Intranet Sites

Develop a SharePoint Intranet That’s Business-Focused, Socially Driven, or Both

Are you hoping to use your company intranet to foster collaboration, manage projects and co-author documents? Or do you want to see your team members embrace your company culture and develop healthy camaraderie? 

Whatever your aims are, there’s an intranet solution that’s just for you. 

You can create a happier, more unified, and more productive team by incorporating both business- and social-focused web and app parts.

Happy with your business processes or company culture as it is? Focus on SharePoint’s business-oriented or social aspects alone and leave the other features behind.

Create A Modern SharePoint Experience That Unites Your Team

Connect employees across departments, offices, and regions

Make Your Company Culture Stronger Than Ever—No Matter Where Your Team Members are Based

Dwindling company culture is no match for the power of the SharePoint intranet to bring employees together.

Have you found yourself lamenting the loss of company culture that the global transition to remote work has created? With SharePoint, teams can connect to do more than just complete tasks and meet deadlines. 

The SharePoint intranet has revolutionized how company culture is experienced, with features that enable:

  • Employee surveys, contests, and polls 
  • Notifications about company events and campaigns
  • Rapid communication, including message boards and live video and audio chats
Intranet-in-a-Box With SharePoint
SharePoint Online Intranet

Utilize the SharePoint Intranet’s Business Intelligence Capabilities

SharePoint’s BI tools let users visualize and analyze large volumes of data in the form of reports, dashboards, and charts.

Help business leaders streamline operations and improve business processes with data that can include insights related to employee performance, project completion, timelines, and so much more. 

Tenecom can help SharePoint users get more out of their BI center and understand how best to utilize it.