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Take advantage of SharePoint’s many advantages with help from your own personal SharePoint consultant

SharePoint Planning Done the Right Way With Tenecom

Revolutionize how on-site and remote team members communicate and collaborate with a powerful SharePoint solution.

Why choose Tenecom over other SharePoint consulting firms?

  • Develop a SharePoint planning roadmap that clearly lays out your strategy, phases, security considerations, and more.
  • Automate systems, streamline repetitive tasks, and reduce costs with top SharePoint consultants.
  • Organize your company’s intranet by letting our SharePoint consulting specialists help you plan your hub site collection. 
  • Rely on Tenecom’s 35 years of experience in the IT services industry and track record of happy clients.
  • Store, share, and process information quickly and securely with completely customized SharePoint sites and solutions.
  • Leverage the experience of 100+ cybersecurity professionals to keep your SharePoint environment secure. 

Plan for success with a SharePoint consulting company that makes collaboration effortless.

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Our SharePoint Consultants Help Businesses Communicate, Collaborate, Compete Harder

Why Trust Tenecom to Build Your SharePoint Intranet?

Our approach of combining broad technical expertise with business-focused solutions is why companies rely on us to develop the ideal hub for their SharePoint.

SharePoint Design and Development

Enjoy a seamless experience with our SharePoint consulting services. We design, develop, deploy, and maintain most Microsoft technologies.

Custom Sharepoint Hub Sites

Give end users a familiar environment that’s customized with your branding and matched to workflows with personalized hubs in SharePoint.

SharePoint Deployment

Rollout your new SharePoint environment with our SharePoint deployment planning services team and ensure optimal user experiences.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Don’t stress about migrating data and workflows to your new SharePoint portal. We’ll develop and execute a comprehensive migration plan for your organization.

Support For SharePoint Online and Legacy Environments

Maximize the value of your SharePoint environment with a team that can support everything from SharePoint Portal to SharePoint Online.

Process Automation

Reduce workloads and errors with extensive automation. We’ll help you automate time-consuming, repetitive, and complex business processes.

Business Intelligence

Aggregate and analyze big data and make better-informed decisions for your company with SharePoint Business Intelligence Center.

Employee Training

Ensure your team is getting all that they can out of your systems with onboarding and training support for SharePoint communication and team sites.

Businesses That Count on Tenecom for Microsoft SharePoint Consulting

Benefits of Our SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

SharePoint Planning

Facilitate Collaboration With Your Own Customized SharePoint Solution

Quick, user-friendly, and highly secure data sharing made possible by a SharePoint that’s customized for your business and your needs. 

Allow teams to co-author, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly with SharePoint’s powerful collaboration featureset.

Enjoy the control–extensive version control and access control tools allow you to track changes and protect data.

Organize Your Data For Simplified Access and Analysis

Gather, organize, and action data with SharePoint Business Intelligence Center. 

Leverage a next-gen document management system and data processing with BI Center intranet sites. Start experiencing the power of big data now.

SharePoint Planning and SharePoint Consulting

Expertise Other SharePoint Consulting Companies Simply Can’t Match

35+ Years

As one of the top SharePoint consulting firms


Of our clients have ever experienced an uncontrolled cyberattack


Monitoring and support for critical issues

SharePoint Consultants

Employee Training by SharePoint Consulting Specialists

Ensure that you’re poised to take advantage of all that SharePoint has to offer with staff education delivered by seasoned professionals.

We’ll ensure your staff is aware of how to access and effectively utilize your hub sites and collaborate together on projects of all types.

Big Rewards, Easy Pickings…Now That’s a Good Idea

Deploy an agile, mobile intranet that lets you leverage your information and applications better

Integrate All of the Services You Use in One Place

Streamline how your team uses Office 365 and other services with Microsoft’s own SharePoint. 

Our team of SharePoint experts can help you integrate various systems, including:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems 
  • Enterprise content management (ECM) systems 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and more
Microsoft SharePoint Consulting
SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

The Right SharePoint Solution For Your Specific Requirements

Should you opt for an on-prem SharePoint solution or SharePoint Online? Should you go with Modern SharePoint or the classic version? And what are the differences between these options, anyway?

Partner with one of the best SharePoint consulting companies for SharePoint planning and get all the answers you need.

A SharePoint Consulting Company That Puts Security First, Always

Don’t leave your data protection to chance. 

We ensure you’re protected on all fronts, from administering Microsoft 365 group access controls to educating your team in the proper SharePoint security protocols. 

When it comes to storing and sharing your data, trust a team whose clients haven’t experienced a single uncontrolled, malicious attack.

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