On-Site and Online SharePoint Training

Bring your team up to speed with instructor-led Microsoft SharePoint & 365 training

A SharePoint Training Course That Takes Users From Beginners to Experts

Educate your team on SharePoint’s features to get more out of the platform than you ever thought possible.

Why choose Tenecom for Microsoft SharePoint Training?

  • Train your team to unlock the full potential of SharePoint, collaborate effectively, and automate tasks.        
  • Provide IT administrators training and resources that allows them manage your SharePoint environment.
  • Enjoy customized SharePoint training courses that are tailored to your team’s needs, size, and availability.
  • Receive your SharePoint training online or let our instructors come right to you.
  • Work with real, live instructors who are intimately familiar with SharePoint and passionate about helping our clients thrive.

Your team members are your greatest asset. Equip them with the tools they need to succeed with comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint training.

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Drive User Adoption and Engagement With SharePoint Training for Beginners

Features of Tenecom’s Microsoft SharePoint Tutorials and Training

Whether your team members are SharePoint beginners or seasoned pros, our training courses can help them hone their skills, build their confidence, and help you leverage the full potential of your SharePoint environment.

Virtual and On-site Training

Tenecom offers private and group SharePoint courses that suit any team, whether you’re looking for an online learning experience or prefer to have our instructors on-site.

SharePoint Online Administrator Training

Level up your IT team with site collection and administration training that allows them to configure and administer SharePoint sites confidently.

Instructor-Led Courses

Take advantage of live interaction and the expertise of our SharePoint training instructors for up-to-date, business-relevant guidance.

Security Training

Bolster your first line of defense with security training that covers cloud security, threat detection, permissions, and more.

Develop a Custom Training Course

Don’t settle for prefabricated, one-size-fits-all SharePoint training. Our SharePoint workshops are live and tailored to your specific requirements and requests.

Interactive Learning

Let your users put their learning into practice with quizzes, practical labs, and approachable instructors who are happy to answer questions and suggest directions for future learning.

Business Intelligence Training

Develop a stronger understanding of SharePoint’s business intelligence capabilities and discover how to use them to collect and analyze data.

SharePoint Development Training

Equip your in-house IT experts with the skills they need to develop SharePoint solutions that improve the user experience, engagement, and productivity.

Teams That Have Leveled Up Their Skills With Microsoft SharePoint Training From Tenecom

Stop Leaving SharePoint Potential on the Table With Our SharePoint Training

SharePoint Training

Bring All Users on Board With SharePoint Training for Beginners

An elaborate, expensive SharePoint solution is worthless if users aren’t adopting it. 

Make sure your users understand how to navigate SharePoint and collaborate on projects using Microsoft 365. 

We’ll get your team started with SharePoint basics and ensure that SharePoint collaboration and co-authoring become second nature to them.

Flexible SharePoint Training for Teams on the Move

Tenecom offers training solutions that help team members unite over a common goal: mastering the skills of SharePoint.

Get training from qualified, experienced professionals whether your team is working from home, working out of a single location, or spread countrywide.

SharePoint & 365 training

What Separates Tenecom From Other Companies Offering SharePoint Training Online and On-Site

35+ Years

As a trusted IT solutions firm

9 Years

The average tenure of our talented IT specialists

Nearly 80

Cyber designations, certifications and clearances

SharePoint Training Course

Training That Helps Your Site Administrators Manage a SharePoint Solution That’s Uniquely Yours

No one knows your company better than your employees. 

We’ll show your administrators how to plan and manage a SharePoint site, deploy changes, maximize performance, integrate third-party apps, and more.

SharePoint Training That Delivers Results

Experience the difference that a well-trained team can make for your SharePoint sites

Boost Efficiency and Productivity With SharePoint Online Training

SharePoint Online has revolutionized how teams share information and collaborate on tasks. 

Discover how learning about SharePoint Online can increase your team’s engagement and get them excited about the projects they’re working on. 

With our training for SharePoint online, we help users learn how to configure and manage SharePoint Online, configurations, hub sites, and more.

SharePoint Training for Beginners
Microsoft SharePoint Tutorials and Training

Training That Helps Users Protect Data and Meet Compliance Requirements

Keep your users and data safe with security-forward Microsoft SharePoint training.

SharePoint’s advanced security settings and features make it an incredibly safe way to share data.

Safeguard your information even further with SharePoint security training that informs users on how to fulfill compliance obligations, manage user permissions and access, and best utilize built-in security settings.