What Are Managed IT Services and What Do They Include?

Many companies with internal IT teams struggle with balancing their workload when they are bogged down with tech support tickets. Other small businesses totally lack an IT department, and they rely on customer support to help them deal with issues. These issues are what IT managed services were designed to address.

IT downtime can cost businesses $1.55 million annually. Additionally, slow technology can waste countless hours of employee productivity.  

Managed IT services allow you to outsource the time-consuming work of keeping your tech up and running, letting you focus on valuable projects such as software development, data management, and web development

So, what is the best IT managed services for your company? There are two primary models to choose from.

What are the IT Managed Services Models?

Managed service providers can offer IT support in one of two ways:

The Staff Augmentation Model

With this model, a software company or managed service provider essentially loans you one or more full-time employees for your in-house team. They can temporarily expand your staff for a period of time until you’ve met your current project goals.

The Outsourcing Model

Also known as a managed service model, outsourcing models involve handing over control of project management to a third-party team. Hiring managed IT services is often more cost-effective than hiring additional staff. They also provide additional value by accessing better discounts for hardware and software.

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Managed Services vs. Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation and managed services each come with different pros and cons.

When you’re considering augmentation vs. managed services, the choice depends on your goals. An augmented staff can help you save on the cost of recruitment and while accelerating a short-term project. It also lets you retain control, but you’ll also have to invest more personal time into it.

Meanwhile, the outsourcing model is better for long-term partnerships. Rather than getting a new engineer, you’re paying for a dedicated team. They usually offer multiple service levels so you only pay for what you need. Because it operates as a partnership, they are more committed to delivering results, but they will also typically retain control of how it’s implemented.

Curious what it is IT infrastructure managed services can do for your small business? Let’s review the benefits of infrastructure management.

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Managed Services: What Does it Mean For Your Company?

What Are Managed IT Services

Ideally, your managed service provider handles all of your IT needs. They can help you improve your infrastructure from top to bottom. This will include device connectivity, secure file sharing and data storage, and streamlined software that allow your employees to collaborate

With your IT under experienced care, you can focus on running high-value projects to expand your business. If you partner with an MSP that has experience in your industry, they implement strategies to address common pain points before they arise.

An MSP will also spare you the trouble of hiring IT professionals. Because there’s a high demand for these skilled workers, many companies don’t have the budget to hire them for their in-house team.

IT services are one of the most commonly outsourced tasks. You can expect an MSP to provide complete support for:

  • Server Monitoring and Backup
  • Cyber Security and Compliance
  • Device Setup
  • Software Implementation
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure Management
  • And much more

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